interface EditionProvider

Interface to get the the editions available since the latest feed update, see Editions.updateFeed.


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abstract fun edition(id: UUID, callback: (Edition?) -> Unit)

Get an Edition from its UUID. This method is normally used to get Edition objects after using DownloadedEditionsProvider.

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Coroutine version of EditionProvider.edition.

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abstract fun editionCounts(productTags: List<String>? = null, callback: (EditionCounts) -> Unit)

Returns a map of the form {year: {month: count}}, where count is the count of Editions that month. You can narrow the results down with productTags. An empty map is returned on errors.

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suspend fun EditionProvider.editionCountsAsync(productTags: List<String>? = null): EditionCounts

Coroutine version of EditionProvider.editionCounts.

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abstract fun editions(productTags: List<String>? = null, startDate: Date? = null, endDate: Date? = null, pageSize: Int? = null): Paginator

Method for getting editions. It returns a Paginator object that can be used to iterate over the requested editions. Editions are sorted by date with newer editions first. You can specify filters productTags, startDate (date >= startDate), endDate (date < endDate) and a page size pageSize for the paginator. When pageSize is null, the method will return a Paginator with ALL the Editions matching the filters in a single Page.