data class EditionsConfiguration(val maxZoomFactor: Float = 1.0f, val storageLocation: StorageOption = StorageOption.INTERNAL)

Configuration class for Editions to be used in its constructor

  • maxZoomFactor can be a value in 1.0, 10.0 range. This value controls the max zoom factor the user can apply beyond the full issue resolution.

  • Use storageLocation to select either StorageOption.INTERNAL or StorageOption.EXTERNAL storage, the latter generally being an SD card. Changing this setting requires an app restart, and it is recommended to clear out current issues with DownloadedEditionsManager.deleteAllDownloadedEditions.


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constructor(maxZoomFactor: Float = 1.0f, storageLocation: StorageOption = StorageOption.INTERNAL)


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val maxZoomFactor: Float = 1.0f
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val storageLocation: StorageOption