Interface that provides information about the edition download progress.


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abstract fun editionDidDownload(edition: Edition)

Called when the edition is downloaded and ready for presentation, see EditionPresenter.openEdition.

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abstract fun editionDidFailDownload(edition: Edition, exception: Throwable?)

Called if the download fails.

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Called if the user is not entitled to download this edition.

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abstract fun editionDownloadProgress(edition: Edition, progress: Float, isBeingPreparedForPresentation: Boolean, downloadedBytes: Long, expectedTotalBytes: Long)

Called whenever the download progress changes. progress range is [0, 1], but it can be < 0 if the progress is undetermined. When isBeingPreparedForPresentation is true the download is completed but there are some needed operations going on until the edition can be presented.

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abstract fun editionWillStartDownload(edition: Edition)

Called when the download actually starts.